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One of things I like to do is produce simple, straight forward but content rich websites.
My first was Hengistbury Head This is a website I originally built over ten years ago, initially on some free webspace. Since then it has grown and grown. It provides the History and Geology of a prominent headland in Southern England. I am proud to say it is heavily used as an educational resource as well as a guide for the layman. As Hengistbury Head grew it gained more and more pages, often only loosely related to the main theme of the site, consequently I decided to break out some of the content for other sites.

The first to be broken out was The Stour Valley Way The Stour Valley Way is a 65 mile footpath that roughly follows the path of the river Stour in Dorset England. The Stour Valley Way ends at Hengistbury Head, hence the link. This website describes part of the path. It grows each time I manage to get my hiking boots on an explore a little more myself.

Finally there is Bournemouth Beaches While the Hengistbury Head site obviously needed to refer to its own beaches, this, as time went on, grew into a description of most beaches in Bournemouth. It felt more appropriate to give these fine beaches their own website.

I suppose CancunDays is a bit of an odd ball as the others all relate to the UK, but Mexico is a fascinating place and I hope to increase the images/ data here soon as well. Anyway, thanks for looking. I hope the information was of value.

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I hope you like the site. It is here, really, simply because I wanted to display the beauty of this part of the world. I hope to expand it to cover more and more of the Mayan Culture and the Yucatan Peninsula as time goes on. If you want to contact me to correct any errors, make comments or raise any issues relevent to the site etc, you can email me here.